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For starters: some of us are on a budget. I'd like to see the prices for the components so I can weigh up pros and cons.
Secondly: I'm in France, so I use the French site.
HOWEVER, the exact same configuration is € 15 more than it is in the UK, and I don't see why that is. Except maybe delivery, but it isn't reflected in the price.
I configured on the UK website because when i selected (what I thought) the language up top, on the French site, it actually put the delivery country as UK -- not France.
When I switched to France, it wiped out my saved quote configuration. (Well done...)
When I used the .fr site on the UK setting and chose "other countries", it won't let me order the darn thing.
There is nowhere to put a comment -- i.e. I don't want Office installed. AT ALL.
I will likely wipe the disk drive (no OS) because I want to choose what is actually installed, rather than upgrade and get all the kiddy junk. (I use Win10 Pro)
IF an OS is installed, I want it in English. Period. No French, no German, no nothing, but only English. Because Windows really makes a complete mess of switching OS language from the initial install. (I know, because I have a German version of Win10, upgraded to Pro, switched to English -- and it's still half in German.)
If I'd been able to configure without guessing all the time, without the faff about the country setting... That PC would be ordered and paid for by now.
As it is? I'm looking around if I can get a similar or identical configuration...somewhere else.
Just for info.


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Hi Siljup, thank you for your post!

We do not list the prices of components as they are subject to change due to the fluctuation of the prices on the market so to avoid to confusion, we do not show them.

The same configuration will be slightly more expensive due to delivery to France.

Regarding Office, as we are officially partnered with Microsoft, we are unable to remove the trial version of Office before dispatching your order out. You are however, perfectly free to uninstall the trial as soon as you receive the machine.

For the OS, whatever language you select, whether it be English, French, or Swedish for example, you will receive it in the exact language which you ordered.

If we can help you any more in making your order please send us an email - [email protected] (French speaking) or [email protected] (English speaking).