Liquid cooler and liquid metal


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I couldn't find the information if the recoil 17 4090/4080 have liquid metal on GPU and or CPU.
Also I was wondering if the liquid cooler for laptop is similar to the one from xmg 2023. It has magnetic attachement capability with auto silling to avoid water drops, does yours too?



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I was asking myself the question as I am going to buy a recoil 17 with the liquid cooler. If you look closely the XMG and PCS external cooling units are exactly the same (minus the XMG logo of course). This makes me think that neither PCS nor XMG manufacturates the external cooling (the same they don't manufacture the computer components including chassis, they just mount the things together which is already a wonderful thing for me as this will be my third PCS laptop).
My guess is that this is a Tongfang product (which would explain it is not avalaible for all versions of the laptops as this will obviously require a tongfang chassis)
If you look at the pictures shown on PCS for this feature and specifically the endpoints that go plugged to the laptop you can see that they are indeed the same "2023" version as in XMG website (Check files attached the 2023 version endpoints are much smaller in length)
So my guess is yes we will have the same as XMG as both PCS and XMG gets them from the wholesaler.

Edit: I forgot to answer your question about liquid metal. When I try to configure a recoil Thermal paste is not even an option, it picks up Liquid Metal by default and you cannot change it.


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