Is PCspecialist still good ?


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it's my first time ordering a PC and i'm too inexperienced to build it myself or even being able to choose good pieces,
that's why i was thinking of buying from this website it was really helpful and easy to choose pieces and everything. But i tend to be a little careful when i buy on internet. So i did search review on PC specialist, and to be honest most of them seems to be very good and even if they are some bad reviews, i mean nobody is perfect and i get that it's part of the process that there is some issues. But here is my problem i noticed that most of the reviews posted this times seems to be very negative but i'm kinda lost by all the contradictory informations that' why i think i need to ask here, is buying a PC from PC specialist still a good idea ?
Thank you
PS: please forgive my english i'm defenitly not fluent.