amd rizen 7900x with


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It should be fine if you can check on several website with automatic configurator.

A big graphic card, so it to play with top game, i mean game who need a lot of power from the pc...

Where's the motherboard???

For me, i never buy so many part in several web.

Always buy to a same, it's better for the warranty ^^

If you have a website pc configurator pc, check it.

On automatic mode, for a gamer pc, the system never let the buyer buy something if there incompatibility with items.

Your power supply is a big one, a smaller one around 800w can let you buy better part for your pc

For a close configuration and compatible in a french website, the total price is around 2400€

I found your Graphic card to much, a powerful one for a less price exist.

Check it on website.