A few questions for a future PC build


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Hi, I want to buy or build a PC in the near future but I have a few questions or worries about it. The first one is the processor brand, Intel or Ryzen. Not so long ago Ryzen was a must, low price high performance, but for the last series (5XXX I think) the price has grown and the performance is equal to Intel like the price. So now it does not matter what brand to choose https://showbox.tools/... correct?

The second is the motherboard chipset, it is really so important if I don't plan to do an upgrade in the future?

The last question is about the graphic. My plan was to get an RTX3 series (haha...), but I don't know if there are so much difference between the 3060 and the 3070. Which one is worth? With what processor? The most big online store where I live doesn't have any graphic card in stock, will there be a time where we the peasants can get a RTX3 series card?

BTW my Idea is to get a mid tier pc.