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  • Dude. Can you tell me what your settings for your overclock are? I was looking at an old post of yours and I'm curious about the settings PCS have set you up with.
    Dude. Finally got the balls to up the VCCIO voltage to 1.1625 and I can now run my RAM at 2133MHz with the overclock of 4.5GHz on my 2600K! Hope this helps you if you have any further problems with yours.
    Hay dude. Been in contact with Kingston recently about my RAM and the fact that I can't get it to run in a stable way while at 2133MHz. They have suggested upping the VCCIO upto a max of 1.3v in slow increments. They also said if I damage anything then it's my own fault and they accept no responsibility. Thought I'd let you know any way.

    I'm not upping my RAM from 1866MHz as now overclocked my CPU to 4.5GHz and reaching temps of 70-79 degrees (70 according to Asus AI Suite, 79 according to RealTempGT) when running Prime95 and don't really want to push it too hard until I've installed some better cooling, need to get some additional fans to add to my ALC 240 for push/pull. The Cooler Master Cosmos case is not that good at keeping stuff cool it seems.
    Hey ROB, glad you like the RAM cooler :) Told ya it'd do the trick! My CPU temps are also down to 35-37 after using the 2 x Akasa Apache Black fans in a push/pull config on the CoolIT ECO ALC :D
    TBH, I don't really have a RAM temp monitoring software - however, I do have a temp probe from my Sentry 2 Fan Controller on one of the T1's heat spreader ;) I must say its fairly accurate, because with the RAM cooler, I am about 22-24 under idle loads, and a max of 36 under heavy gaming - guess that is close because I saw similar temps on one of the reviews on the Hyper X Ram Fan.

    Dude. Got RAM cooler fan kit today... Working a treat. RAM is very, very cool and CPU idle temp is down to 36-37 degrees from 39-40 as well...

    What do you use to monitor RAM temps as all the software I've got doesn't seem to?
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