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  • Ill see how it handles bf3 when i get it working but i thought minecraft was not even close to as intesive as games like bf3 and when i checked the graphics card it said it can handle games like that fine.

    Minecraft never has good FPS for me.. Not it does with this 7850, but even now it's only about 80-100. Make sure you have up to date drivers :)
    Just sounds like you've been unlucky :(

    I'd give them another ring tomorrow and send the laptop back. See what compentation you can get.
    Inbox is full :p

    Are you meaning the samsung HDD? Im slightly confused :(

    It does seem like they have messed you around. You would expect them to check about the upgrade, it's not hard to do (i imagine anyway). If you give them a call tomorrow, or get your dad to do it, check on the status of the laptop and express how dissappointed how long it's taken for a simple problem to be fixed. It's what i'd do :(
    All i can say is sorry for the whole cockup basically! I know i don't work for them, but on their behalf i apologise :p But yeah, give them a ring tomorrow if you want, express how embarrassing how long it's taken etc.
    Your inbox is full, so i'll post here:

    Haha, should look great playing games on it :)

    Im hoping to get some money together and get a second monitor :) Make it easier to have a game on one screen, chat boxes on the other :p
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