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  • Heya, I'm glad that it's got to building, means it shouldn't be long to go now, sometime next week I guess :)

    Glad I could be of some help :) (though since I've slept since then I've absolutely no idea what I said (my memory is terrible), though it doesn't really matter).
    You'll have to let everyone know how it is when you get it :)
    I think it changes at about 100, but REP is the main one, the more rep you have, people know it's good advice :) Also, you'll get other members commenting on the same thread backing you up, or suggesting a better alternative :)
    Either can really :) Just depends on which you want to buy, one is more expensive, but they're both just as good :)
    Aaah, haha. This leaves me in a really hard situation :eek:

    Hmm, one more thing to note which you could maybe help me decide on choosing?
    I would like to be a game designer & developer when I'm older. So I need a powerful computer which could render games fast so which do you think could handle that sort of pressure?
    Well, AMD are cheaper, but i know just as many people who like Intel as those who like AMD. I prefer AMD as they're cheaper, but just as good as Intel. I used my old pc mainly for school-work (I'm 17) and it performed absoluetely fine. This one im on now performs spot on with work too, just as it does with games :) I see Intel and AMD as equal, just one is alot more expensive than the other :)
    Well, if you're wanting to run BF3 aswell as recording, you need something much better than mine ;) My PC would handle BF3 on probably low settings or something.. ;) No problems with those other games you said though :)
    Yeah they are :) It runs games perfectly that i want it too :) About 90FPS on MW2 Max, 30FPS on GTAIV high settings (Can become slightly laggy in areas when its foggy and night) Both L4D's on max easily :)

    It's not the beastiest gaming rig out there, but for what i use it for it's perfect :)
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