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  • Hey hey,

    Havent spoken (or typed lol) to you in ages, apparently youre still being beaten around by that damn flu :( Feeling any better yet?
    Hello :p

    Just to let you know i ended up going with the Hybrid SSD. Picked one up from scan for £93 +3.99 delivery. 500 GIG, will let you know how it runs. :)
    Hi gorman ive rang help line there sending me new drive why do you think it would of died already like i say i dont hammer it at all and when do you reckon i'll get new drive wont be this week now will it :(
    Gorman that did't work its basically not reading anything surely my drive has't gone only had system 4 month and dont really do much on it
    Hi Gorman, I am just about to upload some photo's from photobucket but am unsure which code I need to use
    Is it
    Direct Link
    HTML code
    IMG code
    The game is 'Munchkin'.
    I did try to take some piccies on my phone, but it didn't focus very well :(, and the batteries on my friends camera seem to have run out.
    S'pose I probably shouldn't mention that now that I'm home, I've found the game with the deck of cards in it that has the level 10 Net Troll in it :)
    What do you mean 'Oh dear...'
    There's nothing wrong with me .......... um, well, um .......
    The 'odd hat wearing rat thing' in my avatar is Rakk.
    Rakk is my EQ2 toon that I've been playing for 5 and a half years now (eek, thats an awful long time), he is a ratonga (humanoid rat pretty much) and it's a cool hat!

    I recognise your profile picture (think I've got that game on one of my games shelves) :)
    Change your member title to Nvidia Fan Boy, then change mine to Radeon Fan Boy. Lets be unique. :D
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