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  • Faith!!!!! don't need that i have a BIG hammer :p tbh i stopped worrying after the first time i changed a GPU and done a few other things since but i wouldn't mess with the CPU of CPU cooler.
    I hate doing anything inside the PC as if anything could go wrong it probably will with me ;)
    I was asking because I want to get one of these. The problem is I only own a laptop and this needs to go between the three laptops in the family and the desktop. Therefore, the internal header is useless. I need to connect it via a normal male USB plug. I made a thread on it before. I have now found a way, as there are 8 cables, I have to use two USB plugs. One side of the 8 wires goes to one plug, the other side to another plug. That is why there are two of each colour. The internal header is basically two of the male plugs you normally use to connect a mouse or keyboard. Hope that makes sense!
    Don't bother taking pics if you dont have the time or don't want to, I am merely curious and I quite like your case :)
    Hang on, you saying that you can't post replies to the pic threads? O.O and yes please take some pics! :)
    hi i have just turned my pc on the screen loaded up fan came on ect but before it came to the password login screen the pc just turned off..with no reason why

    i have cheaked the fuse and used another power lead but still nothing.i have opened the side of the case and noticed that the motherboard has a green led showing.. so thats mean there must be power? HELP PLEASE
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